For Gideon | Our Favorite Miracle: An Adoption Story
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Our Favorite Miracle: An Adoption Story

Our Favorite Miracle: An Adoption Story

Gideon was placed in our arms 4 months ago today, and we still haven’t posted his photo on our blog. For those of you who have been following our blog since the beginning and waiting so patiently to see our boy’s beautiful face, we are so excited to introduce you to Gideon Jaewon Troyer! We had hoped to post frequent updates once we landed back on US soil as a family of three, but turns out life with a toddler is busy, much busier than we had anticipated as new parents! This right here was a very special project, a very long labor of love, and we are so excited to kick off this season of our blog by sharing this tiny piece of our story.

Hundreds of you rallied around us, praying constantly and giving generously throughout our entire adoption process. Five grant organizations partnered with us to bring home our boy: Show Hope, Joseph’s Dream Coat (Orphan Outreach), Family Formation Charitable Trust, SowingRoots, and Families Outreach. And Brian and I wanted to find a way to honor all of you.

So we decided to make a little video about our story and our favorite little miracle named Gideon.
From the bottom of our hearts, we want to say THANK YOU. All of you – our friends, family, strangers, and all 5 of the amazing grant organizations and their donors – have given us the gift of family, and we will forever be humbled by your encouragement, prayers, and generosity. You have taught us so much about the love of Christ, and our lives will forever be better because of it.
All the tears, all the money, all the surprises and hard days and scary reports and waiting, all of it was worth it. And we are so, so incredibly humbled that you shared this season with us. We hope in some small way this can show you just how much you mean to us.
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Music used with permission by Musicbed (#426430). “Home” by Lights & Motion. Airport photos by Hannah Elisabeth Photography. Some Korea footage by Sarahbeth Photography.


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