For Gideon | June Update
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June Update

June Update

June saw us mostly returning to life and finding our new “normal.” Brian and I jumped back into leading preschool worship at Southeast Christian Church, and Gideon loved to help us practice our songs! We sadly said goodbye to our long, morning walks with Dana, as I went back to work, Gideon went off to preschool for the first time, and we got to work on Brian’s new practice so he could finish up at his old job. We discovered Gideon is amazing at directions, and he would cry if we turned right out of our neighborhood or if we didn’t stop at Grandma’s office every time we passed. This month we also took our first family vacation to Asheville with Brian’s extended family, and we also had our first trip to urgent care when Gideon fell into a coffee table at the cabin. We had a fun weekend at the Asbury reunion in June too! I had to spend several days in Orlando for VaxCare Week shortly after I returned from maternity leave, and Gideon tried to “Eskimo kiss” me through the phone every time we FaceTimed! We didn’t think it was possible, but Gideon became even more snuggly, and he especially loved to give “group hugs” with me and Brian before he would push our heads together to make us kiss!


  • Took bites off of a whole banana
  • Said “EIEIO” from Old McDonald (then never said it again)
  • Signed “all done” for the first time
  • Tried ramen and loved slurping the noodles
  • Ate two bites of smoothie at Mimi’s
  • First family vacation to Asheville
  • First trip to Urgent Care
  • First day at preschool
  • Fed himself rice with a spoon and slept on a mat (both firsts) at preschool
  • Wore Gideon in the carrier for the first time (he hated it)
  • First night with Mommy away for work
  • Picked out his outfit for the first time




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