For Gideon | July Update
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July Update

July Update

July started out hard, as I tried to adjust back to work, Brian wrapped up at Dockside, and Gideon struggled with drop-off at preschool. But we all slowly got the hang of it, and we had a very full, very exciting month! Gideon had his autism evaluation at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, and his team was AMAZING! We highly, highly recommend the Department of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics at Cincinnati Children’s. Unlike any other evaluator he had met with before, Gideon really clicked with the developmental pediatrician, developmental psychologist, and speech-language pathologist he met with, and we really understood how this team is one of the very top in the country! Dr. Manning (who is an international adoptive mama too) told us they simply want to call him a “watcher” for now, meaning he has some concerns, but they want to give him time to grow and learn before diagnosing him with anything long-term. His diagnosis for now is just Global Developmental Delay. Gideon got to play with his foster sister, Jayda, for the first time since Korea, as we met up with Ashley and Darren at the Science Center. I also met up with Yun and Lindsay in Dallas while I was on a work trip, which was such a gift! We started reading “Love Me, Feed Me,” and mealtimes are so much different now. The anxiety is gone, Gideon is having fun playing with his food, and he even tried a new flavor of applesauce, plain noodles, and Alfredo noodles and loved them all! His teachers told us he started “responding to name with excitement,” which is a big step for our little guy. Speaking of big steps…we officially opened Fireside Family Counseling LLC ( on July 31 with a formal ribbon cutting ceremony! We accidentally cut the ribbon twice, so now we’re extra official, haha!


  • First full month feeding himself consistently, woo hoo!
  • First time coloring and engaging with his class in Sunday School
  • First holiday (4th of July)!
  • First 4th of July parade
  • First time at Solomon’s Porch (where Mommy and Daddy got engaged!)
  • First time swimming in a big swimming pool
  • Learned to sign “please”
  • Tried applesauce and liked it
  • Walked into preschool with no tears for the first time
  • Licked Hamburger Helper
  • Started having night terrors a few nights in a row, then stopped again
  • Making and holding eye contact
  • Tried spaghetti noodles and loved them
  • Tried Alfredo noodles and loved them even more
  • Tried whipped cream unprompted, but not a huge fan
  • Started with First Steps
  • First Oldham County Day
  • Said “yeah” (then stopped)
  • Understands and follows instructions to find Daddy, find Mommy, shut the door, open the door, bring me the book, and hide (for hide and seek)
  • Has opinions about clothes almost all the time now, and his favorite outfit is a bright orange shirt I shrunk the first time he wore it (so it’s now a belly shirt), faded green shorts, one shark shoe, and one dinosaur shoe


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