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Books for You and Your Littles

Books for You and Your Littles

Over the years – and especially in light of recent events – I have received lots of messages and questions about what books and resources Brian and I recommend in the adoption world. At the same time – and also especially in light of recent events – we have worked hard to grow our library of books for Gideon to include characters of different cultures, skin colors, and abilities. It is important to us that he grows up seeing a world that is beautiful, not just in spite of our differences, but because of them.

I have tried to sort the resources below by topic, culture, or need. This is certainly not a comprehensive list, but these are the books and resources that have impacted us most dramatically. Most, if not all, of the children’s books below can be found on YouTube if you want to check them out before buying.

If there was one book I would implore you to read, not just as a parent, but as someone looking to better our world, Uniquely Human tops my list. If you love someone with special needs, work with someone with special needs, or just want to be a better human, 10 out of 10, we would recommend that book for you.

(And we should probably note the links below are all affiliate links. You pay the same price you would from any other link or search on Amazon, but Amazon gives us like 10 cents for sending you their way.)


For parents just starting the adoption journey, I recommend reading all of those listed in the first two sections.

Parenting and Trauma

Prospective Families/New to Foster Care and Adoption

Orphan Care Around the World + Foster and Adopt Ministry

Specific Needs + Special Needs

Transracial Families + Racial Reconciliation

  • Human(Kind): How Reclaiming Human Worth and Embracing Radical Kindness Will Bring Us Back Together – Ashlee Eiland


Memoirs (Adoptive Families)

Memoirs (Adoptees)

Other Resources


*Asterisks indicate favorites in our home

Childrens Books about Adoption

Childrens Books with Asian Culture/Characters

Childrens Books about Inclusion + Celebrating Differences

  • *Image Bearer (how everyone is made in God’s image, features MANY physical and developmental disabilities) – Ellie Sanazaro
  • *Gary’s Gigantic Dream (main character/animal uses a wheelchair) – Dr. Nicole Julia
  • *Lia’s Kind Mind (main character/animal has birthmark) – Dr. Nicole Julia
  • *The Day You Begin (main character is African American girl, includes Korean character/culture) – Jacqueline Woodson
  • *Same Same But Different – Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw
  • *Daniel’s New Friend (Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood; features secondary character with physical disability) – Becky Friedman
  • We’re Different We’re the Same (shows many skin colors, facial features, etc) – Sesame Street – Bobbi Kates

Childrens Books about Characters with Disabilities

Childrens Books Featuring Characters of Different Colors, Cultures, or Abilities

  • *When God Made You (African American girl, main character) – Matthew Paul Turner
  • *The Paperboy (African American boy, main character)- Dav Pilkey
  • *Image Bearer (how everyone is made in God’s image, features MANY physical and developmental disabilities) – Ellie Sanazaro
  • *Ways to Welcome (lovely illustrations featuring a myriad of races, cultures, and disabilities) – Linda Ashman
  • *Daniel’s New Friend (Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood; girl with physical disability, secondary character) – Becky Friedman
  • *Hair Love (African American family, main characters) – Matthew A Cherry
  • The Colors of Us (many races and cultures, no main character) – Karen Katz
  • Be Kind (African American girl, main character) – Pat Ziehow Miller
  • Breanna
    Posted at 16:47h, 12 June Reply

    It’s very interesting that you listed a book on autism, as I quite literally came here to ask if you’d ever considered testing Giddy for it. I was just watching your YouTube video of the trip to the zoo and his mannerisms are highly indicative of it. It’s great that you were able to diagnose him this early. What an awesome family.

    • forgideon
      Posted at 17:47h, 13 June Reply

      Thank you for reaching out and for your kind words! Gideon actually doesn’t have a diagnosis at this time, but we have been working with an amazing developmental team in Cincinnati for the past 2 years! Uniquely Human is easily the best book about special needs I’ve read, as it not only humanizes autism but also shows how to love individuals with all kinds of different abilities. <3

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