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We Have a Little Surprise…

We Have a Little Surprise…

We have a little surprise…WE’RE ADOPTING AGAIN!

Four years ago, in early 2017, Brian and I saw a photo of a little boy we couldn’t forget. He was with a foster care organization in China we had recently connected with, so we began seeing updates about him every few months. And every time we saw him, we prayed again that a family would come. Though we didn’t know it yet on that day in early 2017, we were just a few weeks away from seeing our Giddy’s face for the very first time. We would travel to Korea, bring our son home, and be absolutely smitten by our little boy’s big joy as we learned to be a family! And another few years would pass, years spent praying every chance we got that God would raise up a family for this other little boy we couldn’t forget.

In late September 2020, days after I turned 30, Brian and I both felt God stirring us to begin the adoption process one more time. We talked about returning to Korea, an easy choice for our family because it was a program we already loved. But every time we started down that path, it just didn’t feel right. One night, as we prayed once again for this precious little boy in China, still somehow waiting for a family, we suddenly looked at each other and said, “Are we the family we’ve been praying for all these years?”

And over the last 8 months of home study visits, paperwork, and unexpected conversations, God has made it abundantly clear that we are. It was us. It was always him. He is our sweet Sam! We have received his referral, and now we face a very unknown process and timeline. Our hope and prayer is to have our boy in our arms by the end of this year, though we know it could be much longer than that. After almost four years of praying for this precious little boy, we will (hopefully) soon get to call him our SON. And we just can’t wait.

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